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TDC History
TDC (Trials Drivers’ Club) was founded in 1954 by a group of like-minded enthusiasts including Wilfie Fitzsimmons, Barney Manley, Jimmy Millard, Maurice Cavey and Jack Toohey. Paddy Hopkirk is reputed to have made occasional appearances at committee meetings. Some of the other clubs rather cruelly suggested that TDC stood for The Drinking Club and certainly all of the members of motor clubs in existence at that time would not have been as abstemious as is the case nowadays.

The logo is alleged to have been inspired by the label of the committee’s favourite whiskey - Hewitt’s. To facilitate this tendency, committee meetings originally took place in hotels convenient for the majority of the members and then they used to take place in the RIAC in Dawson Street on the first Tuesday of every month, before moving back to hotels when traffic congestion became an issue. The meetings are now held on the first Thursday of every month in the comfortable surroundings of Club President, Frank Lenehan’s home in Sandyford where a bunch, just as enthusiastic as the original group, lay plans for the club’s activities. Frank is pictured here in his trusty red Starlet.

About the TDC events
The club currently runs 12/13 events throughout the calendar year, which include the Club Autotest Championship, the Howard Wild Memorial Autotest, Production Car Trials and Multi-Venue Autotests/Autosolos. Our events attract competitors from all over Ireland and the UK. The TDC is also involved in promotional events at Mondello Park where our members perform displays in the interest of promoting the club and attracting newcomers.

We have a wide spectrum of membership from all avenues of motorsport including Autotests, Stage, Navigation and Retrospective rallies, Saloon Racing and Rallycross. Included in our current membership are multiple Autotest Champions, Eamonn Byrne, JJ Farrell and Peter Crimes. Also involved are multiple Autotest and Rallycross Champion, Dermot Carnegie, 19 times National Navigation Champion and ex Billy Coleman co-driver, Paul Phelan and Monte Carlo historic rally winner, Frank Fennell. These members have won over 50 championships between them. However, it is hard to top the achievements of our most famous ex member, the Legendary Stirling Moss.

The TDC is focused on organising quality motorsport events throughout the year with the inclusion of championship and fun events. The Club has a committee made up of very experienced competitors who are always willing to give expert advice to both beginners and experts. New members and drivers are always welcome and anyone wishing to get involved in motorsport should contact us immediately as we are more than willing to help newcomers to the sport.

TDC History in Photos
Some Photographic History of the Trials Drivers Club



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