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2019 TDC Club Championship

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2019 TDC Club Championship
Author Message

Joined: 02 Jan 2011
Posts: 183
Location: Dublin

Post 2019 TDC Club Championship Reply with quote
Driver classifications for the 2019 TDC Club Championhip.

TDC Club Championship 2019 Current Standings

Drivers who competed in their first ever autotest after 1st January 2017 and have not previously won the Overall Beginners Championship

Graduates from the Beginner class
People with very limited competition experience as decided by the committee
Maximum of 3 years permitted as a Novice
Winning the Overall Novice Championship automatically promotes you to the Intermediate Class, the following year

Graduates from the Novice class
People who have appeared in the Novice class of the TDC Club championship table in 3 or more of the last 5 years
No limit to the length of time you might compete in this class
1st & 2nd finishers in the Overall 2019 Intermetiate Championship will be automatically promoted to the Expert Class in 2020

Competitors who have appeared in the Semi-expert / Expert class of the TDC Club championship table in previous years
Competitors who are, or have been classed as Experts or Semi-Experts in the Hewison or Northern Ireland Autotest Championships
Previous winners of the Overall Intermediate Championship

Points for each event will be awarded, for each of the drivers’ categories based on the positions in the overall results, as follows:

20 Points for the Winner, 19 Points for 2nd, 18 Points for 3rd, 17 Points for 4th, etc down to 1 Point for 20th place.

Production Car Trials;

Cars with Limited Slip Diffentials will be penalised by 1.5 marks per section, on top of their actual score, to a maximum of 10 per section. Drivers of these cars can score for the Club Championship in these rounds.

2019 Club Championship qualifying rounds;

27th January TDC Multi Venue Autotest
24th March TDC Club Autotest*
7th April TDC Multi Venue Autotest
28th April Birr Autotest*
12th May TDC Production Car Trial
5th June TDC Club Autotest*
30th June TDC Multi Venue Autotest
24th July TDC Production Car Trial
11th August TDC Club Autotest*
25th August TDC Multi Venue Autotest
13th October TDC Club Autotest*
17th November TDC Howard Wilde Autotest*
27th December TDC Christmas Multi Venue Autotest

Best 9 results to count out of 12 or more events held
Best 8 results to count out of 10 or 11 events held
Best 7 results to count out of 8 or 9 events held
Best 6 results to count out of 7 or less events held

*Autotest Championship
Best 4 results in Autotest Championship to count

It is not permissible to win the Premier Award in the Beginners’ Autotest Championship more than once.

Only Club Members can qualify for Championship Awards
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Joined: 02 Jan 2011
Posts: 183
Location: Dublin

Post Reply with quote
Driver Classifications for 2019 Championship

Surname Forename Grade

Alford Keith Novice
Allen Richard Novice
Anderson Seamus Novice
Auerbach Alan Expert
Barnwell Richard Novice
Barrable Peter Novice
Barrable Robert Novice
Beatty John Novice
Beglan Derek Beginner
Bergin Ciaran Beginner
Blair Andrew Expert
Blair Paul Expert
Boland Andrew Novice
Boland Mick Intermediate
Booth Fearghus Beginner
Bowden Sam Expert
Boxwell Daniel Novice
Bracken Jason Novice
Bracken Mark Novice
Bradley Bernard Intermediate
Brennan Philip Novice
Brien Jack Novice
Brien Simon Novice
Briggs Sam Beginner
Briggs Stephen Expert
Briggs Susan Beginner
Briggs Zoe Intermediate
Broderick Noel Intermediate
Buckley Joe Novice
Burke Declan Beginner
Burns Shane Novice
Byrne Chris Novice
Byrne Daniel Expert
Byrne Eamonn Expert
Byrne Eric Beginner
Byrne Keith Novice
Callanan Tom Novice
Campbell Peter Beginner
Campion David Intermediate
Carnegie Dermot Expert
Carty John Beginner
Cashman Liam Expert
Cashman Michael Expert
Cavanagh Joe Novice
Cavanagh Willie Novice
Choma Lukasz Beginner
Clarke Conor Beginner
Colfer Graeme Novice
Colville James Novice
Connolly Jane Novice
Conroy Ger Novice
Conway Sean Beginner
Corcoran Patrick Intermediate
Cotter Mick Novice
Coyle Alan Expert
Croston Liam Expert
Crowe Thomas Beginner
Cullen Michael Intermediate
Cullen Ross Beginner
Culleton Anthony Novice
Culleton Michael Novice
Cummins Stephen Beginner
Delaney Darren Beginner
Delaney Liam Novice
Delaney Tom Novice
Dempsey John Novice
Dempsey Kevin Beginner
Dempsey Linda Beginner
Denning Alex Beginner
Denning Daragh Beginner
Denning Liam Novice
Denning Patricia Intermediate
Devaney Tom Expert
Devine Martin Novice
Devlin Matthew Novice
Devlin Oliver Novice
Dolan Sam Beginner
Donegan Jay Intermediate
Donoghue Niall Beginner
Donohoe Declan Novice
Doran Aidan Novice
Doran Damien Expert
Doran Joe Expert
Doran Lyndsey Novice
Doran Mark Expert
Doyle Chris Novice
Doyle Deirdre Beginner
Doyle Leo Novice
Driver Aisling Novice
Driver Brendan Novice
Driver Feargal Novice
Driver James Intermediate
Driver Niall Intermediate
Drought Nicole Novice
Drought Owain Novice
Duggan Brian Novice
Dunne Hugh Novice
Dwyer Ciaran Novice
Dwyer Frank Novice
Dwyer Michael Beginner
Echlin Simon Expert
Egan Gary Novice
Egan Kyle Novice
Evans Christopher Expert
Evans Morgan Novice
Evans Simon Novice
Fagan David Novice
Fagan Kevin Intermediate
Fagan Mark Novice
Falvey Peter Expert
Farrar John Novice
Farrar Sam Beginner
Farrar Val Beginner
Farrell JJ Expert
Farrell Keith Beginner
Farrelly John Beginner
Faulkner Lee Novice
Faulkner Mark Expert
Faulkner Peter Intermediate
Fenlon Robert Novice
Cameron Fenton Beginner
Ferguson Norman Expert
Ferguson Steven Expert
Ferguson Trevor Expert
Fitzgerald Kevin Intermediate
Fitzpatrick David Beginner
Fitzpatrick Sean Beginner
Fitzsimon Mark Novice
Flanagan Brian Intermediate
Fleming Ken Novice
Flynn Brian Novice
Forde David Novice
Forde Shaun Novice
Fortune Tonya Novice
Foster Guy Expert
Foyle Neil Beginner
Francis Mark Novice
Freeney Aidan Novice
Freeney Anthony Intermediate
Furlong Declan Novice
Gaffney Glyn Intermediate
Gaffney Karen Intermediate
Gaffney Ted Intermediate
Ganly Robert Intermediate
Garahy Ciaran Novice
Garahy Dearbhaile Novice
Garahy Kieran Intermediate
Garahy Stephen Novice
Geraghty Adam Intermediate
Geraghty Mark Novice
Geraghty Peter Intermediate
Gloster Robert Beginner
Grehan Jane Novice
Grehan Karl Intermediate
Grenham Enda Beginner
Griffin Bill Novice
Griffin Darren Beginner
Griffin David Intermediate
Griffin Gillian Beginner
Griffin Jason Novice
Griffin Jeffrey Novice
Griffin Ronnie Expert
Griffin Shane Novice
Grimes Chris Expert
Grimes Christopher Beginner
Grimes James Novice
Grimes Matt Novice
Grimes Peter Expert
Groucher Anthony Novice
Guerin Mark Beginner
Hamilton Gary Novice
Hamilton Trevor Expert
Hassard Harold Expert
Hayes David Intermediate
Heavey John Novice
Hendrick Declan Expert
Hendrick Paul Novice
Hogan Lar Novice
Hogarty James Novice
Hollingsworth Edward Novice
Howard Robert Novice
Hughes Philip Novice
Hughes Thomas Beginner
Ingram Robert Beginner
Irwin Glen Expert
Jenkins David Expert
Johnson Andy Novice
Johnson Angus Intermediate
Joyce Gerry Novice
Kane John Intermediate
Katkins Sandis Novice
Kavanagh Eoghan Beginner
Keaning Willie Expert
Kearns Ronan Novice
Keegan Brian Novice
Kennedy David Novice
Kehoe Mick Intermediate
Keane Gerard Beginner
Kelly William Beginner
Kenna Jason Novice
Kilty Glenn Novice
King Mark Expert
Kingston Brian Expert
Kirwan Brian Novice
Kirwan Mark Novice
Lawlor Fintan Novice
Lambert Judy Novice
Lambert Robert Novice
Lamont Ashley Expert
Lenehan Derek Intermediate
Lenehan Frank Expert
Lewis Rob Intermediate
Lombard Joanne Novice
Lombard Paddy Intermediate
Longworth Eoin Intermediate
Loughrey Jason Novice
Love Simon Beginner
Lowther Paul Expert
Lynch Gerry Expert
Lynch Peter Expert
Lynch Timmy Expert
Lyons Alex Novice
Lyons Richard Novice
Lyons Robin Expert
MacFheorais Piers Expert
MacWilliam Craig Intermediate
MacWilliam Guy Beginner
Maguire Pat Beginner
Maher John Novice
Maher Kevin Beginner
Maher Pat Novice
Mahon John Novice
Mansfield James Expert
Mansfield Robert Novice
McAssey John Expert
McAulay Dave Expert
McBrien Hugh Novice
McCarthy Eoghan Novice
McCarthy Iarla Novice
McConnell Brian Novice
McCormack Michael Novice
McCulloch Ian Intermediate
McDaid Jonni Expert
McDaid Tommi Expert
McGovern Harry Beginner
McGovern Rod Novice
McKay Sean Beginner
McKinley Deirdre Novice
McLachlan Mark Novice
McMenamin Brian Novice
McMillan George Expert
McMillan Jamie Expert
McMonagle Maurice Intermediate
McNamee Emer Beginner
McNamee Ronan Novice
McNulty Alan Novice
Meeke David Expert
Meeke Richard Expert
Melady Michael Novice
Milne Stephen Beginner
Molloy Peter Novice
Mooney Damian Beginner
Mooney Paul Expert
Mooney Tara Beginner
Mosey Dave Expert
Moynan Whity Novice
Mulcahy Sam Beginner
Mulhall Nick Beginner
Mulligan David Novice
Murphy Ciaran Novice
Murray Eoin Intermediate
Murray Niall Intermediate
Murray Owen Intermediate
Nash Ruaidhri Novice
Nevin Robert Beginner
Newe James Novice
Newe Larry Novice
Nolan John Expert
Nolan Paul Novice
Nolan Robert Novice
Nugent Mark Intermediate
Nugent Martin Intermediate
Nutty Ciaran Intermediate
O'Brien Andy Novice
O'Brien TJ Novice
O'Callaghan Trevor Novice
O'Carroll Cathal Intermediate
O'Cleirigh Ciaran Novice
O'Donoghue Graham Intermediate
O'Donoghue Karl Intermediate
O'Donohoe Andrew Expert
O'Donohoe Danny Intermediate
O'Leary Patrick Intermediate
O'Meara Damien Novice
O'Neill Anthony Novice
O'Neill Conal Beginner
O'Neill Dave Novice
O'Neill Finbarr Novice
O'Neill Luke Novice
O'Reilly John Intermediate
O'Reilly Myles Intermediate
O'Reilly Nick Novice
O'Reilly Philip Expert
O'Rourke Craig Beginner
O'Rourke Kevin Expert
Pain Richard Expert
Patton Shane Beginner
Pennefather Percy Novice
Peterson Eddie Expert
Phelan Paul Expert
Phillips Damien Intermediate
Phillips Kate Beginner
Pinkney Richard Expert
Power Cian Novice
Power Paddy Expert
Power Rory Expert
Preston Anthony Expert
Quille Austin Expert
Quille Darren Expert
Quille David Novice
Quille Keith Novice
Quille Syd Intermediate
Quinlan Conor Beginner
Quinlan Eoin Novice
Quinn Jack Intermediate
Quinn Peter Novice
Raleigh Michael Novice
Ramoutar Paul Novice
Reilly Mark Novice
Reynolds Joe Intermediate
Rhatigan Francis Novice
Robinson Cian Beginner
Rohan Gary Beginner
Ross Stephen Novice
Round Alex Beginner
Ryan Aoife Novice
Ryan Liam Novice
Ryan Willie Novice
Scallan John Paul Novice
Scallan Steven Novice
Sealy Paul Beginner
Shanahan Mark Intermediate
Shanahan Ronan Novice
Shaw Keith Beginner
Sheane Eilish Beginner
Sheane Ivan Beginner
Sheane Tsar Beginner
Sheehan David Novice
Sheridan Breen Novice
Sheridan Colin Intermediate
Shevlin Daniel Beginner
Shinnors Alan Intermediate
Smith Bernard Novice
Smith Donal Beginner
Snodden Peter Novice
Stanley Jonathan Novice
Stevenson John Beginner
Swail David Novice
Swail Tim Novice
Thompson David Expert
Thornton Mark Expert
Tierney Paul Novice
Timmons Ciaran Novice
Wallace Nathan Novice
Walsh Adam Novice
Walsh Mark Intermediate
Walsh Martin Expert
Walsh Matthew Intermediate
Walsh Stefan Expert
Warner Richard Beginner
Whelan Johnny Intermediate
Whelan Owen Novice
Whelan Robert Novice
White Billy Novice
White Ian Expert
Wilson James Expert
Wojnar Burschi Beginner
Wojnar Trish Intermediate
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TDC Committee Member

Joined: 31 Jan 2009
Posts: 1924
Location: Leopardstown, Dublin

Post Reply with quote
TDC Club Championship 2019 Current Standings
Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:21 pm View user's profile Send private message
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